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Kings Port Advertiser and Ship List march 616 vol 1 issue 3

Another immense report comes from the Brethren of the Brick Seas MCRA (the monthly trading and raiding done in the game) as almost a hundred ships sailed out this month.

My personal result was alright, my main thrading vessel, the HMS Green Dragon, picked up on the rumours of the need for banana`s from last month, and made the run not only solo, but also unescorted, a very dangerous thing to do in the game actually.  But in true Milennium Falcon style, she pulled it off, and now I`m trying to get one of the captured vessels as a sort of reward (I have my eye on one of the smallest, the 2A, the Cod Hunter).

Editor’s Column.
Last month we used our eyes and ears throughout Terraversa  to gather intelligence on future weather patterns due to the destruction caused by Hurricane Helga. A few old sailor’s wives accurately predicted a second hurricane, the one we named Stepho after the late King of Oleon. We even correctly figured most of its path, along the southern known islands and into the Sea of Storms.   Today, the KPASL can claim that it is New Terra’s number one source for weather news as well!

We have no love lost for the King of Oleon, cousin to the Royal Family of Mardier, our now hated enemy in this brutal civil war, but he had kept the peace for the last seven years between the great powers. Peace is good for business.  Speaking of his death, you may have heard about the King’s poisoning. We have an inside source that tells us that this is true, and in fact, it was one of his mistresses that did him in. Apparently it was because he would not divorce his wife and make her queen!  Yet another trusted source has told us that this mistress was actually a Corish agent!  Poison is one way a cowardly Corlander would kill his enemy.  The country has taken their King’s death well, and look forward to their new ruler.  It should only be a matter of months before the King of Eslandola reigns in Granoleon as well.

Tips and News:

Building Supplies Needed! With a hurricane going through LeBellan, new building materials and migrant workers are needed to repair the Jewel of Oleon. The Oleanders are always flush with cash, so this should be an easy reward. However, they seem fond of the teakwood that is native to our own island, Terraversa. This is excellent news for our merchants.

Oleanders Fail to Read anything but the Holy Texts, Lose Many Vessel to Hurricane Stepho!  As noted above, we warned all of New Terra about the oncoming hurricane! This did not stop many from journeying through the storm’s path at points. However, the Oleander merchant marine seemed prepared to meet Poseidon, as they charged headfirst through the path of the Hurricane. Whereas they set a new trading record with Commerce de Breshaun, hauling in over 1000DBs in one run, they suffered heavy losses to the storm’s whims.  Both the La Recouvrance and  Revenant were trading extremely well on their voyage before disappearing in the storm with all hands.  The Swift, the Divination also went to the bottom as they attempted to stay ahead of Stepho. The Comet and Amphitrite’s Lilly had a little more luck, but they were forced back to port before their route was completed.  The Starliner as well was having a record run for a new vessel, but had to dump half its treasure overboard in order to keep from laying too low in the high waves. This happened to others not from Oleon, who also ignored all the signs, such as the Saucy Jack of Corrington, they lost half their valuable cargo of cotton in the storm.  Still the Oleon fleet was not without its successes, including the second highest haul of the month on the Zephyr.  Also lost in the Huricane: The Bloody White Crow,  but nobody cares about a Sea Rat.

Adventurers wanted!  Sail to the Ile de Romantica and help Lord Prio clear the island of its native scourge. The island is currently a secret, so contact the Lord to receive coordinates. (Set bounty run for zone “Ile de Romantica”). We have no further information other than this secret island is supposedly rich with gold.

Eslandola Cracks Down on Sea Rat Menace! The Eslandolans have taken to policing the Seas. Half way between Nellisa and The Nest of Theives, the Eslandolan Anti-Piracy Squadron met the Sea Rat merchant fleet “Sunset,” twice!  The first action happened when Antigone’s Fury lagged behind  the Sea Rat convoy, and was caught by the Blessed Angel. The Faction Ship II and Great Scott came to the aid of their merchant.  A double boarding action pursued, with Eslandola’s whole squadron, the Blessed Angel, King of Mardier, and Holder’s Secret attacking the two Sea Rat ships.  Finally the action broke off around six in the afternoon as it began to darken.  The action picked up in the morning when the Eslandolans found the Absolutely Fabulous straying from the convoy. Again, the two Sea Rat ships came to her defense, but this time things became  more hectic.  While the merchants got away, the escorts fought off the Eslandolans.  Faction Ship II took the  King of Mardier in a boarding action while the  Great scot was taken by Blessed Angel and Holder Secret through another boarding action. Putting a prize crew on the King of Mardier, Faction Ship II was too shorthanded to repel  the Blessed Angel, who boarded her and forced a surrender.  All ships escept the King of Mardier were sent in at Nova Terrelli, a great victory for the Eslandolans, even though the King of Mardier was taken as a prize back to Bastion.

L’Olius Strikes Again!  The Queen of Terreli failed to protect her convoy twice. The first time, she struck her colors against an unknown attacker’s broadside, only to have  The cotton Lady and Golden Snake take the enemy (5A)ship with no name, and the Queen of Terreli back.  Matters were not as fortunate in her next encounter, while defending her other flotilla. The infamous Mardieran Privateer, L’Olius showed up with three ships against the flotilla. With one broadside, the Queen of Terreli surrendered. With one broadside, L’Olius’ Crooked Sparrow sunk the Queen of Mardier. The Spotted Phil, the second privateer ship, captured Fenix, while the Bright Owl just barely escaped L’Olius’ third privateer vessel.  I suppose now that the captain of the Queen of Terrelli is currently sitting in a prison here on the island, he is safe from court martial! L’Olius’ claim is that he has a letter of Marque against the Eslandolans because they are allies to the King of Mardier, or hated enemy in this civil war.  We shall see if the prize is lawfully condemned or not.

Bloody Bill Reemerges! If Eslandola had not had enough, unfortunately  they were the infamous Bloody Bill’s newest target. Sadly, one of the greatest ships ever to sail the waters was taken. When the Travao was defending La Raenette, Bloody Bill’s Scavenger forced the ship to surrender through a boarding action. Seeing no other option, the Flotilla A took to line formation behind the Heart of Eslandia. Unfortunately, the crew of that vessel had not the heart to keep fighting the Scavenger, and surrendered after a boarding action. La Raenette was taken by Bill’s Little Scavenger, while Winds Beauty barely got away.  Most likely the costliest maiden voyage in the history of these waters, the trade ships were taken back to Bastion, it was reported.

Sea Rat Raid on Bardo suffers no Casualties! The small Sea Rat raid (we assume to avenge their fallen ships) met no resistance – after they changed destinations. The two crews who set off to attack one of the most profitable ports in the Sea of Storms stopped at this island during the crossing. While in a tavern, one of the pirates let slip where they were heading. One of the downtrodden also partaking in libations called the man out for being so stupid. He was shot on the spot, drug out in the street, and his fingers were cut off one by one. Finally, another patron stopped the Sea Rats from finishing off the man, by telling them that what the victim meant was that Bardo was defended by two, very large fortresses, and that they would need thousands of men to take the settlement.  The Sea rats apologized, bought the man a beer, which probably poured out of the hole in his gut, and went to tell their captain.  Luckily for them, their captain had already bought a tip in another tavern. The small settlement of Tarlo on this island, was currently undefended!  Our Governor,  Miro Oldis was asleep on this matter!  The next day, in broad daylight, two Sea Rat vessels landed at Tarlo and liberated its wealth. It is said they did pretty well for a settlement that had so little commerce. Still, how many people have to die on this island before Oldis properly defends it?

Ships Captured:
Faction Ship II (SR) by Blessed Angel (ESL)
King of Mardier (ESL) by Faction Ship II (SR)
Great Scott (SR) by Blessed Angel and Holder’s Secret (ESL)
La Raenette (ESL) by Bloody Bill the pirate in The Little Scavenger
Tovao (ESL) by Bloody Bill the Pirate in The Scavenger
Heart of Eslandia (ESL) by Bloody Bill the pirate in The Scavenger
The Black Pea (3A), a pirate by HMS Mars (COR)
Shamoo (3A) by HMS Paradise (COR)
Scabby Pete (4A) by HMS Queens Glory (COR)
Wild Whale (4A) by HMS Bull Shark (COR)
Carnage (3A) by HMS Bull Shark (COR)
The Bootlegger (3A) Garvian Privateer by HMS Paradise (COR)   
El Bellos (5A) by HMS Mars (COR)
Queen of Terrelli (ESL) by L’Olius, Mardrier Privateer in Crooked Sparrow
Fenix (ESL) by Spotted Phil, L’Olius’s second ship.
Blowfish (3A) by HRS Eltina (OL)
Cod Hunter (2A) by HMS Pandora (COR)
Unknown (5A) By Cotton Lady and Golden Snake (ESL)

In other news... Corrington Naval Strategists have determined that more escorts per flotilla tend to keep their merchant convoys safe. Incidents this month prove that theory, as even when a Corrington vessel was defeated, the secondary escort was always able to take the ship back and dispatch the attacker.

Shipping List
Here is this month’s shipping list:

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