maandag 18 april 2016

Inspirational Lego #66

As we slowly return to the land of the living after a feeverish weekend, it`s time to show another 10 great builds I`ve came across on the internet.

Okay, so that`ll mean I have a bit of a planning issue this week for things I wanted to post, but it`ll work out for sure.

Starting the week`s selection, we got this fantastic build of Harry Potter, where professor Lupin teaches Harry about his Patronus, using bogart`s.

Another awesome build is this King Kong island layout, based on the original story (and remade by Peter Jackson in recent years).

This white castle is another great convention display piece.

A very cute rendition of R2-D2 is the next thing I came across, I love his chibi style of build.

The infamous Power Loader from that most fantastic of sci-fi films ever, Aliens.

Long before you had all those Discovery and History channel shows, you had the original Treasure Hunters ;-)

A fantastic looking pagoda is the next build I came across.

Neo Classic space walker, based on the Star Wars AT-DP.

A great variant on the cover of the old Justice League cover.

And we end the week with another anime classic, though not one of my "shows", with Sailor Moon.

Hope you enjoyed another selection of builds, and until the next time!

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  1. The King Kong and castle displays are my favorites!