dinsdag 12 april 2016

Inspirational Lego #65

As told, a day later then foreseen, but you could feast your eyes on the Brick Mania report yesterday to compensate ;-)

But here we are with another 10 great builds I came across while strolling the internet in recent times...

We kick off the week with an awesome big space ship, a Berserker class Battlestar from the reimagined Galactica series.  These giant builds are truly awesome (and far above my skills)

We stay a bit longer in space, with another reimagined series, as we look at this excellent rendition of the Abrams version of the USS Enterprise.

More space?  You got it, with another iconic "vessel", the TARDIS.

But let`s stay a bit longer in the outer reaches, and look at this fantastic and classic scene from the first Alien movie.

Ending our space tour, this excellent fighter from the classic Space theme is unique in it`s approach.

Roight, after all that spacey violence, it`s time for a banana...

Okay, loaded up again, let`s do some more space before the Star Wars fan cry out they are overseen in this weeks selection, with the two real heroes of the saga ;-)

On a totally different note, we have this excellent horse of Troy build.

Some people only do things when rabbits fly to the moon... be carefull what you wish for!

And we end the week with this awesome microbuild hot rod car.

And that was another week of pickings from the net, hope you like them!

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