donderdag 21 april 2016

Star Wars Het Complete Werk - vernieuwd en uitgebreid

Okay, so it`s the dutch version, but you can all see which book this is.

The most recent `expanded` version of the Lego Star Wars universe, it`s that book you need to have a look at all the cool things that have been past by in the last decennium.

Written in the style of it`s predecessors, it features a great selection of sets and revolves around the various movies at it`s core.  Of course, the range by now has grown so big, that it would be impossible to feature just about each and every set of course, but none the less it does a good job of showing the Star Wars range through the ages.

It also has a section this time dedicated to special sets like the UCS range, or the Technic and MicroFighters ones for example, as well as a few pages about how the sets are developped and some great MOC`s from known names out there on the internet.

And it comes with a figure of course, in this case an updated Luke Skywalker from the old Land Speeder set from waaaaaay in the beginning.

I`m actually going to use this guy in a moc for my pirate village, so keep your eyes out for him in the future ;-)

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