maandag 18 april 2016

Lego Build: 31041 Construction Vehicles

In today`s Lego build, I`m tackling the set we all received at Brick Mania Wetteren for the building contest.

Now, while the thing I came up with wasn`t memorable in the least, there are some nice little vehicles in this small boxed set, and let`s have a look at them now.

This set, part of the Creator line of small 3 in 1 sets, numbers 64 parts and comes with a bag of elements and the instruction booklet that allows you to make three vehicles: a digger, a dump truck and a large reachtruck.

The Digger

The first of the vehicles is the digger that is also primarly featured on the front of the box and uses most of the parts.  This build starts with the wheel hubs added to a black 2x6 plate.

This is build up towards the rear, raising the area for the hind mudflaps.

The engine compartment is then made at the front of the vehicle.

As the canopy is installed, the bodywork is finished as well.

A small shovel arm is then build for the backside of the tractor vehicle.

Wheels and dangerlights are added to the little tractor next.

The final part of the build is the large shovel that goes on the front of the machine as the first build stands completed.

The Dump Truck

So everything is taken apart again, and we can start work on the second build the set allows, the dump truck, which once more starts with the plate and the wheel connectors.

This one has a more "front heavy" build, so we raise up that area first.

The cabin and the headlights are then added to the machine.

The arms to lift the large hauling box at the back are installed next onto the build.

Next up is making this big trunk for the truck.

This is then added to the backside, and yellow slopes add some detailing to the trunk in order to have it flow over nicely to the front of the truck.

We end this little build with the wheels and then we can take it apart again for the final build of this little set.  Of the three possible vehicles, this one was my favorite when finished.

The Reachtruck

This giant forklift starts a bit different.  The plate is still the base, but we don`t commence this time with the grey wheel connectors.

The bodywork of the reachtruck is first made up, as this is a low by the ground vehicle compared to the other two.

Wheels are added together with the side cabin.

The large lifting arm is the next thing on the menu, and is then attached to the bodywork.

The final thing of this small build, which uses the least parts of the box, is to make and add the fork to the arm, completing the final build of the set.

While not my `theme`, I really like these little Creator sets.  They are great hand outs when giving a lecture at schools (like I did in my adult schooling a few years back), or at kids parties to have them build a bit.  It`s only time that lego brought out one of those small 5 euro range Creator sets again with some small brickbuild animals :-)

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