woensdag 20 april 2016

Classic Lego Build: 6055 Prisoner Convoy

In today`s build report, we go back to 1985.  A time where the Castle theme was ruled by the Lion Knights and the Black Falcons.

A time where those who wronged the crown where brought to justice... and to do that, they where transported in these prisoner carriages.

The first thing we got in this set was the escort of the carriage, a proud Lion Knight in full armour.

And the crew of the carriage: two armed guards, flanking their prisoner.

We start the build with the turntable that will be the axis between the horses and the carriage car.

Upon this, the seat for the driver is then build.

We expand to the back for enlarging the carriage, and add the rear wheel axle to the build.

The backdoor, which can flip open, is then build and added.

Using castle wall pieces, the sides of the carriage are installed and connected through the roof of the vehicle.

The big wooden wheels are added next, and as detailing is done on the carriage sides, the horse holder bar is expanded to accomodate the four beasts that pull the carriage.

Horses and crew are then added, though the prisoner doesn`t look like he is planning on staying

And the full set completed:

Hope you enjoyed this blast from the past!

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