maandag 4 april 2016

Setting out to Elysabethtown

"Well doctor, if you follow me, I will accompany you to the dock."

Sir Smaugton took the lead, as a rather eccentric doctor and his two not that unattrictive students followed pace from the residence that housed their little "science club".

He would see them off, as they boarded the HMS Green dragon, the fastest transport ship available in Quinnsville, and set sail to meet with his friend Felipe de la Manzana in the settlement of Elysabethtown.  There, they would help senor de la Manzana in studying the local tribes people.  Of course, he had "forgotten" to mention to them the Dragon was also the ONLY ship available for the voyage...

"Hold!" A gruff voice rang out.  The scientists froze in their place, but Smaugton just grinned.

"Aaaah, dockmaster Caynayn, what a lovely day.  I`m here to bring these intrepid explorers to their transport."

"Fine, but still, I need names for the records." Caynayn growled.

"Of course my man, we all have to do our duties" the lead scientist smiled widely as he stepped forward.  "I am Doctor Gellibrand, nice to meet you!"

"Doctor... who?" the old dockmaster grumbled as he started noting down.

"Gellibrand!  And these lovely ladies are my companions, miss Donna and miss Clara!"

This build is my second contribution to a story I`ve been helping on, hope you like it.

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