woensdag 6 april 2016

Starship: Rising

Yeah, I like torturing myself with watching B-movies, especially those of a spacey kind where next to crappy acting and horrible special effects, you can add shoddy CGI to the mix.

And all that can be found in Starship: Rising from 2014!


Starship One - the most powerful warship in the Federation, capable of destroying entire worlds. When the order is given to destroy the Earth, Flight Lieutenant John Worthy mutineers Starship One and takes on the might of the Federation.


Ow this was bad.  really.  okay, so the CGI on `planet based` scenes was okay, looking like a cut trailer from your average 2010 video game.  But the space battle sequences and explosions looked like they came from the 8 bit era.
Yet, the spaceship designs in themselves where actually rather nice to be honest.
The whole movie to me looked like a low budget remake of the classic BBC series Blake`s 7, but with the emphasis on the low budget though, and if you seen Blake`s 7, you can imagine what that would mean...

The movie hasn`t gotten any semi A-list actors in it who often do these fanprojects for a quick paycheck, I think Cathy Wells (from the original Back to the Future and then next to nothing anymore in the blockbuster circuit) must be the most `known` one present.

A sequel exists, Starship: Armageddon, but let`s just say I`m not entirely sure I`ll watch that ;-)

Rating: 2 / 10

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