donderdag 26 januari 2017

365 Dingen om te doen met LEGO Steentjes

The latest "ideas" book by DK Publishing takes a whole different road that we gotten to know... and I`m not sure I like it.

Coming with a sort of "activity randomiser tool" this book grants you a daily quest of what to do with LEGO bricks over the span of one calendar year.

Now, it contains a variety of building, making games, tools for your desk, minifigure and larger scale items and much more, and is a truly magnificent collection of some fantastic builds.
And that is exactly where the problem lies in my opinion.  Even though build tips and tricks are scattered around the whole book, it has some seriously advanced builds in it (like animating a bearhead).  And I fear those might be far out of reach for the target audience, which, face it, are around the 10 year old mark.

Never the less, for an old fox as myself, I even saw some intresting things to "carry over" into my builds and techniques to try out, but I`d rather have a "normal" build book again like their previous volumes...

But then, that didn`t stop me adding it to my Legobrary at all...

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