maandag 9 januari 2017

Fantasy Movie Marathon

Well, the year is still young, but I think a good way to get it started is by doing my first "movie marathon" of the year.

This is basically a day or 10 in which I`ll be trying to watch a movie in a certain theme every day, and as such work a bit on my immense backlog.

And for the first one this year, after doing B-Movies and Sci-fi movies back in 2016, I'm going to do one centered around the Fantasy theme.

I hope the list I put together of 12 movies cover a bit of everything, consisting of action, animation, Disney, dark fantasy, 80s gimmicks, high budget movies and true classics of 30+ years ago.

So without further ado, this will be the list I`ll be watching the coming 12 days, starting with today:

1. Alice Through the Looking Glass
2. Beowulf and Grendel
3. Dragon's Nest: Warriors Dawn
4. Grimm Snow White
5. Hogfather
6. Jason and the Argonauts
7. Maleficent
8. Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters
9. Ironclad
10. Red Sonja
11. Sorceress
12. The Huntsman: Winter War

So that seems like a nice and varied selection, I wonder how many will actually be worth the time spend on watching them afterwards :-)

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