donderdag 19 januari 2017

Beyond the Brick: Brick Live Birmingham

John and Joshua are back with their latest DVD release, and this time they travelled to the United Kingdom to cover Brick Live in Birmingham.

While you can see a lot of the builds on their YouTube channel, these DVD`s usually give some additional and exclusive content.

For the builds, this is a city layout made up of Irish landmarks, including the Secret Garden from the novel of the same name. 
The second big layout is Saltburn Pier, made for a museum.
Dutch builder Paul is featured with his Land van Ooit themepark build, including water spraying custom figures.
The final moc is Tim Goddard's (a reknowned spaceship builder) Anglo Saxon village, part of his Bricks from the Past collaboration build.

Furthermore, the DVD also features interviews with visitors and their children as they enjoy the build pits, as well as the visitor project to build huge pumpkin's.  Warren and Terese Elsmore, the show directors, talk us through some history of the show, and finally John and Joshua look back and discuss the differences between US and UK shows.

It was another lovely documentary for sure, and I am glad I supported it again, they really deserve it to get all their material out there! 

And the gift of a special brick for the brick badge was just to cool, and is proudly placed onto it already!

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