vrijdag 13 januari 2017


Today in the Fantasy series, we have the TV adaption movie.

And I picked one of a classic book, Hogfather by Terry Pratchett, because I just love the Discworld series.

This movie, sometimes labelled as mini series, was a 2 part adaption of 1.5 hours each, and the great thing is it follows the plot of the book very closely.

When the Hogfather disappears (the Discworld variant of Santa Claus) due to the machinations of the assassin Teatime, the sun won`t rise anymore on the Discworld.
So it falls to Death itself to temporarily replace him, while his granddaughter Susan goes out to investigate the matter.  This search leads her to the Castle of the Tooth Fairy, where Teatime is using magic to capture "Belief" from the people.

It's a hilarious movie, and I loved the true Discworld feel that the movie radiates.  Death is just his fantastic self, like he is in the books and the cartoon movies.  The acting is strong over the whole movie, and it's that movie to recommend to you all for the next Christmas.  I'm certain kids will love the twist on the usual santa flick... of the gazillionth re-run of Home Alone.

Rating: 8 / 10

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