zondag 22 januari 2017

The Haul Report # 65: a truly spectacular week

Well, as the title says, between last week saturday and past friday, a lot of awesome goodies have arrived from a variety of sources.

Ranging from promo material over exclusives, I can`t complain at all.

The most awesome thing of course for me remains this huge vinyl movie poster of Harley Quinn, for the upcoming The Lego Batman movie.  Many thanks to my american channel for sending it to me.

But I had some more Harley goodness, as a custom figure of her Suicide Squad appearance had also arrived.

Last sunday I went on a flea marker trip, and there I found some excellent items to boot.  I love the micro blocks Saint (though I kind off expect, even sealed, some parts to be lacking, it's a "thing" with those chinese brands these days).

I payed a measly 5 euro for this sealed Wex Snapley set.

And for Chu, I found this little Belleville one, which I only bought pure for the fairy figure for her.

I also picked up some little stuff there, so I could finally complete my old Space set.
And this limited Beach people set for a 10er

Continuing with mail arrivals, there was the rare MSC Miraviglia set thanks to a german connection, and the old TUI travel agent mouse pad came in as well.

A Facebook find for my investing test is the next thing.  These two Hero Factory sets where sold in a group for 5 euro for the both of them... and they are worth about 40 both together, so that's a good find.

The Beyond the Brick KS DVD arrived as well earlier this week, with a lovely brick badge piece that came with it.  And of course, as a backer I could stare at my name at the credits... the ego needs feeding as well now doesn't it ;-)

The final haul where some minifigures together with two more Lake Guard polybags, in an exchange with a friend of mine for a Dimensions Green Arrow.

Quite a spectacular week indeed...

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