zondag 15 januari 2017

The Haul Report # 64

Hello all to another week of hauls and trades for my collection.

And once again, it has been a calm but decent week of gathering and foraging.

I'll start of with this Veers minifigure.  I`m not a SW builder at all, but this one is for something special at Comic Con Brussels next month, so I went to Brick Link and grabbed the figure.

Facebook has been a good provider this week, as I managed to obtain a nice set of polybags from one source, and a Legolas figure from another.  And a third thingie I picked up on the social media channel is a small space set of the K9 robot dog.  I`ll build that one for a picture report (expected publication somewhere second half of 2018) and toss it in my trade box afterwards.

During a clearance at the local supermarket, I picked up "some" polybags of Nexo Knights, good to take along to an event sometime.

Ow, and as a final haul, I picked up the recent Blocks magazine issue ;-)

Now, as this closes off on Friday's, a lot of exclusives that arrived saturday aren`t in this overview yet, but expect next week to be a humongous episode!

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