dinsdag 17 januari 2017


Today`s fantasy movie marathon takes us to the Disney stable, as we go in the realm of "Dark Fantasy" with this alternate tale of Sleeping Beauty.

Now, this was a 2014 blockbuster, and it became the 4th best performing movie of that year.

When a young Maleficent, an elf, encounters the human Stephan in the land of the Moors, they become close friends.  But in later years, his father invades the Moors, and is defeated by Maleficent and her troops.
Stephan becomes king, and swears to conquer the Moors.  By trickery, he cuts of her wings, breaking her power greatly.  When he and the queen get a daughter, Maleficent appears and curses the daughter.
More then 15 years later, she encounters Aurora again, and grows fond of her.  However, she can`t undo the curse, and her father is growing increasingly paranoia and hateful towards her.  In the end, she manages to break the curse none the less and defeat the king, in the process unifying both realms.

Okay, so this is a rather spectacular movie in terms of special effects, and a sterling performance by Angelina Jolie as the titular character.  And there lies also it's greatest flaw, as she completely blows the rest of the characters of the screen.
On the other hand, the battle at the beginning is a stunning visual delight, and it has a strong soundtrack.

Rating: 6.5 / 10

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