woensdag 25 januari 2017

Build Report: 41017 Squirrel's Tree House

This weeks build report tackles one of the first series of Friends " pet set" bags, the Tree House for the lovely Squirrel pet figure.

Retailing around 5 euro back in the days, they are rather sought after by collectors I found out recently, and I'm one of the fans of the little series for the parts and "cute" animals to use in moc's.

Released in 2013, this 41 part set comes with a pile of bricks and the instruction booklet, just like "regular" polybags tend to do.

The "star" of the set is of course the squirrel itself, with it's lovely blue bow-tie.

It also has a plate with some snacks, because your little companion needs to eat of course.

The build starts on a lime coloured plate, to wich a long inverted brown slope is placed to serve as the basis to build around.

The base of the tree is made up of several reddish and dark brown slopes.

A platform, again in lime, is added on top of this, and serves as the floorplate for the actual tree house.

A small scaling ladder is connected to the front of the platform, allowing easy access to the small hut.

The two side walls are mirrored builds, and connected to the base platform by means of clipped elements.

And the little set stands completed:

Now, I like this little set not only for the squirrel, which was a new figure back in 2013, but the colours of the parts included.  Even though it uses mostly brown and greens, the few colourful elements add to the Friends feel of happy looking builds.

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