zondag 29 januari 2017

The Haul Report # 66

Here we are again with the weekly Haul Report, and due to some extensive trading, it has some lovely gems.

But let's start modestly.

I`m in the process to rebuild some old sets to get rid off, and was restoring a Carribean Clipper for a mate.  So I did some BrickLink orders to complete the part lists and build up the sets, as well as getting an C-3PO polybag to get to the required minimum shipping.

The next box I received where two more copies of the NHow exclusive set, De Rotterdam.  This set was made only for purchase in said hotel and is really hard to find.

The big news last week was that Sam Jones is coming to Comic Con Brussels, where I am present with BeLUG, so of course I needed to have a figure of this cult hero for signing!

A nice little find I did in a Facebook group was this complete, but no box or instructions Shelob set.  I paid as much for it with shipping as I would for Samwise alone, so basically I have a free Frodo, Smeagol and the Spider for the purchase, I like those numbers.

The final trade this week was with two AFOL friends of mine, who pop by regularly for some exchanging of sets.  I traded a Lone ranger Silver Mine for this nice heap of Tolkien sets and a Creator Fountain for the Mustang I was still looking for.

And they tossed in a free CD of their band to boot :-)

A very good week as such, and hope to see you all back next sunday for a new update!

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