dinsdag 24 januari 2017

New Kids Turbo

How stupid and bad can a movie be... 

I was watching this flick with the GF past saturday, and we kept exchanging glances of "what the heck are we watching" and yet... it sticks to you.

New Kids Turbo is a dutch movie of some very asocial "chavs" as they are called in english (we just call them Johnny's) who refuse to pay for anything after they are put on welfare.
This soon results in nation wide strikes, causing the government to intervene by sending in the army... after they first nuke the wrong town.

The humour is just gory and flat (the K-word is used like every three seconds), the story is to stupid to recount, and yet the one-liners and the absurdity in a way sticks to you.  It`s that kind of movie you`re quoting all day afterwards, even though you didn`t even like it for a gazillion of reasons.


Rating: 4 / 10

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