dinsdag 3 januari 2017

Als De Dijken Breken

Als De Dijken Breken (When the Dikes break) is a 6 episode long flemish / dutch coproduction drama series.

The series handles about the consequences should the dikes in The Netherlands break, and the sea would rush in, and how it affects the lives of people.

When a "millenium storm" hits the belgian and holland coastal lines, the dikes of the famous "Delta plan" are taxed heavily.  While the belgian prime minister evacuates the coastal line cities, his dutch counterpart doesn`t, believing the dikes will hold.
Dikering 14 breaks however, and pushed forward by the storm the North Sea rushes in, putting about 1/3rd of The Netherlands under water, and making a huge amout of causalties, and survivors homeless.

The series then follows these people in both Belgium and The Netherlands as they try to cope with their sudden situation, being tossed into the role of refugees within their own countries.  While some try to make the best of the situation, others are faced with more dramatic events.
All the while, the dutch prime minister tries to find a solution, but in doing so might even be forced to handing over the port of Rotterdam to the Belgians, resulting in a heart attack and more stress on the now leaderless government.  The other plan would be giving up one third of Holland to the sea...

The series was more then okay for me, but I felt it had one big flaw.  The "end game" of the series in episode 6 feels a bit to rushed, as most character storylines have half-open endings.  Preparations for a follow up season?  Doubtfull, you can`t have a millenial storm pass by twice within a few years time.  The series to my feel should either have had a 7th episode, OR they should have cut down a bit on the meddling in episodes 3 and 4 in particular, where there was more focus on a hamster then on people's storylines for example.

But never the less, it was a fine series to watch.  I have no idea if you're intrested in it by reading this if english subbed versions exist, but I believe the episodes are also on YouTube.

Rating: 6 / 10

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