zondag 22 januari 2017


The penultimate movie in the marathon, fantasy films where actually a thing in the first half of the 80s, in part due to the popularity of the Dungeons and Dragons game and the Masters of the Universe successfull toyline.

This resulted in movies of all "levels" of quality, and some reached cult status.  One of those is Sorceress.

This mexican / american coproduction is full of the genre cliches, ranging from undead warriors, horned vikings, not so fantastic special effects even for the time, and a strong amount of naked boobs.  Not really a suprise witha Playboy twin couple in the lead.

The story goes that "two are as one" are born and said to overthrow the evil tyrant Traigon.  Hidden until they grew up, the girls didn`t even know they where girls at all, until their adopted parents are killed and they team up with a barbarian and a viking on their quest.  And a satyr.

The film is actually enjoyable to watch, and while the swordfighting at times is "stiff", the story actually moves decently forward and the acting isn`t hopeless.  And that is saying something, as it was often a problem in these kinds of movies over the past days.  Though the scene when one of the siblings loses her virginity while the other feels it as well...

Rating: 6.5 / 10

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