woensdag 11 januari 2017

Classic Lego Build: 6256 Islander Catamaran

In this weeks building report, I'm going back to 1994 and the popular Pirates subtheme, Islanders

A small set containing about 50+ pieces and 2 excellent minifigures, this is a nice little raft to add to your collection.

Minifigure wise, you get the warrior with his tiki mask, as well as the female islander figure with her plumed hairpiece.

Also included is this big, nasty looking crocodile.

The set is based around two red canoo, decorated with islander livery stickers.

In order to connect those two together, a construction is made using black arches.

Horns are added as decoration, while the rudder at the back is based on a red rowing paddle.

I love the little sail, and have used it in the past year on a moc as well.  This is attached to the small mast and installed on the body of the little ship.

Add some more detailing like the shield, and the raft stands completed.

Like I said, a nice little set with some lovely, not to common, parts (the sail, the shield....) and some great figures.  If you like Pirates, this is a rather cheap to get still on Brick Link little set that looks nice with any fleet.

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