maandag 16 januari 2017

Inspirational Lego # 105

Today it"s "Blue Monday", apparently the day people are most depressed in the year.

But even if you had a louzy monday, let`s hope that these 10 builds lighten your mood.

Starting off with the USS Enterprise as he was envisioned in the reboot by J. J. Abrams, she has all the sleek lines like she had in the movie.

Compared to that elegance, we have this monstrosity of an Abyssal Crawworm.

This battle at the bridge from the American Civil War is a truly stunning and lively piece of work.

A lovely time build is this Aging Doris, showing her both young and old.

It was at Isus that Alexander The Great obtained one of his many victories, and in this build he is seen routing the Persians.

Alguroran was the fortress of the evil Algus, from our collaboration over at Eurobricks.  This stunning build shows both the cold and the menace that radiated from these strange enemies.

Next, we have this alienlooking Overlord buste, making great use of trans lightblue elements.

Did you catch em all?  Check it over with this Pokemon chart!

This alleyway gives you the feeling of choice.  Explore it, and enter it not knowing what lies behind, or avoid it altogether.

We end with this great rendition of the well-loved owl Archimedes.

I hope you liked what you saw today, and hopefully until next time for more gorgeous internet finds!

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