vrijdag 6 januari 2017

LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures

Solidifying the bonds between the LEGO group and Disney's Star Wars, the 13 episode long animated series "The Freemaker Adventures" was aired during 2016.

Now, while it is a Star Wars series, these 22 minute episodes are filled with the typical Lego game and cartoon humour.

Kodi, Zander and Rowan Freemaker are three siblings in the scavenging business.  From the parts they find on the battlefield, they create spaceships, or "uglies" as they are called, which they try to sell as a living.  Together with their household droid R0-GR (Roger, an old Battle Droid) they stumble upon a mysterious Kyber crystal.

Part of 7 crystals to form the mightiest weapon in the galaxy, the Kyber Sabre, they are joined by a mysterious Jedi named Naare.  However, she is a secret agent for Emperor Palpatine (a great comical duo together with Darth Vader) and an ally with Grabala the Hutt, both after Rowan who can sense the crystals.  While they "train" and try to collect the crystals, Rowan learns that Naare is an evil agent, and starts his training to prevent her from obtaining them all and form the mighty weapon.

Set somewhere between Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, the cartoon series features a lot of cameo's of characters from the franchise.  There is Luke and Leia, who warm them to the cause of the Rebellion, tying the series to the original trilogy.  Then there is Jek-14 the clone trooper gone force experiment, Hondo (from the Clone Wars cartoon), and even Maz Kanata bringing The Force Awakens into the storyline as well.

It's a fun series, that also spawned two sets (both the Star Scavenger of the Freemaker siblings and the Eclipse fighter of Naare) in the Lego range, and was a nice viewing, good for some decent sniggles and laughs.

Rating: 6.5 / 10

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