maandag 16 januari 2017

Jason and the Argonauts

Here we are with the next instalment of our movie marathon special, and today we are handling a classic film from 1963.

Now, I have been watching films over the weekend, I just didn`t get around to posting so it may take a few days longer as such :-)

The movie tells (mostly) the tale of Jason and his quest to find the Golden Fleece.  When Pelias usurps the throne of Thessaly, Jason escapes and grows up to become a strong young man.  In order to reclaim the throne, and aided by the goddess Hera, he organises games to recruit his crew. 
Amongst them is legendary hero Hercules, and the Argonauts set out over to Greece and the edge of the world.

This takes them to the Isle of Bronze, where they have to escape a huge statue of Talos after Hercules steals a golden brooch.  King Phineus is freed from harpies, making the Argonauts having to pass the Clashing Rocks and are saved by the god Triton.

After staving off an attack on his authority, and with the help of Medea, they arrive at Colchis and are captured at first by king Aeetes, but they escape and have to face the guardian of the Fleece, the mighty Hydra.  Acastus, who had betrayed Jason, strikes a deal with Hecate and an army of skeletons attack Jason, but they hold them off and sail back to Thessaly...

Back in the 60s, this was a high budget production with, for that time, amazing special effects like the walking statue.  While it deviates from the original story, it is held in high esteem and today seen as a cult classic.

Rating: 7.5 / 10

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