woensdag 4 januari 2017

Build Report: Creator 31013 Red Thunder

In today's build report, I' tackling one of the smaller Creator range boxed sets.

Red Thunder is one of the 3 in 1 sets, of which it's main build is a big red helicopter.   

I`ll be putting that one together, followed by it's two variation builds, a plane and a speedboat.  but let's begin with the main model of this 66 part set, the Red Thunder itself.


The basis for this model is a 2x3 grey plate with a 2x6 red one attached to it's top.

A plate is slipped underneath with the heli's traffic lights, and the base for the tail is laid down.

As we fill up the bulk of the bodywork, we first finish the nose of the machine and insert the canopy pieces in the form of cheeseslopes and 1x2 bricks.

The tail area is now prepared for the tail itself.

This one starts on a 1x8 plate, that will go on the jumpers of the back of the main body.

Using a wedge for the side fin, the tail is then connected to the main body.

The top of the machine is covered up with curved elements, while the engine exhausts are placed at the side of these.

All that's left to do now is add the propellors, and the helicopter is ready.

This build used up almost every part of the set:


We begin with the airplane by using the 2x6 plate again, and putting a 2x2 on it as well as the inverted slope for the tail section afterwards.

Next we make two mirrored builds for the wings, except for the signal lights as one side is red, and the other green.

They are secured in place by using long white plates, while round grey studs will represent the visible engine pistons.

The whole front section is now covered up for a sleeker look.

As the tail fins are added, the cups make the engine exhausts at the front.

The small central tail piece is then put together and attached.

All we have to do is add the cockpit, and the little propellor plane is ready.

Quite a few elements are left over with this build:


The final model that can be build out of this set, it begins with the 2x6 plate again, and two connector pieces placed at the back.

Two skids are then made and added to the bodywork, all covered by the 4x4 plate to make the central body.

As white plates hold it all in place, the middle section gets a raised look by using the inverted red slope.

The engine section then is added on top of this.

Next, we make the cockpit for the sleek little ship

All that's left to do is add the propellor, and the smallest of the three builds is ready

A lot of pieces are left over when you make this variation of the set:

All in all, these small Creator sets are fantastic things in my opinion.  Not for the builds per se, but for the parts / price ratio, or the fact you can build a lot more things with the selection of pieces, making them superb for classroom workshops and the likes.

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