zondag 8 januari 2017

The Haul Report # 63

This week, the big "haul" has been one for Lego Dimensions, as I went out with the kid to trade in his gift vouchers he still had lying around from his birthday.

However, he is totally into Carcassone these days, and the store he had vouchers for had next to nothing of this fun boardgame, so enter the + dad to take over his vouchers and go with him to a store that does have his stuff.

But that left me with 55 euro worth of vouchers, of which I had 20 from my own B-day still, so I went to the Dimensions aisle and did some shopping.

The Legolas is the one I just bought for the figure, as I already have him in the game, but they where 6 euro so no-brainer there for an additional elf prince to include in my moc's.

Another cool thingy I got was from my sister-in-law who brought this coffee cup along at New Year's eve.

Some other small things where loose figures I found through Facebook groups, some for myself, some for future trading.  They all where under the current BL price, so that's a great value for the C-3PO, Captain Marvel and Doc Brown, who are the trade figures.

The Smeagol above and yet another Lake Guard (heck, at 2.5 I can`t let those slip by) where for my own collection of figures.

The final arrival is from BrickLink, in the form of a Michelangelo figure of TMNT.  You see, Kevin Eastman is coming to a convention I`ll be attending this year, so I want to add him to my Vault of signatures, and what better then a Lego Turtle to get signed...

That`s it for this week, see you all again next time with hopefully some more lovely finds...

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