maandag 2 januari 2017

Inspirational Lego # 103

With the holiday festivities dwindling down, it's time to get back to the order of the day.

And that means we're beginning the third calendar year of this longest running regular feature on this little corner of the internet.  Once again, I`ll hope to show you a year long the coolest 10 builds I found on the internet on a weekly basis.

Starting this episode, we have a large Classic Space based starbase.  Complete with all manners of different spaceships, the designs are on par with current day techniques and builds, while retaining the classic colourscheme.

Next, we have the Joker standing above the chemical vats at ACE Chemicals.  This build makes great use of smoke and lighting effects to give it an eerie look.

I always loved MASK as a toy when I was a kid, and this rendition of the good guys headquarters, Boulder Hill, is excellently executed.

Hailing from the Andromeda's Gates online game at Eurobricks, comes this sinister looking Chrome Driller mining machine.

An archeological digsite is next on the list, including a small caravan for the researchers to rest and relax.

This is a fantastic rendition of Lu Tze, the monk from the Discworld series by the late Terry Pratchet.

One of the movie successes of last year was the sequel to Nemo's adventure, Finding Dory.

After a week of big dining, a simple hot dog might be a welcome variation of the menu.  I really like the use of banana's to represent the mustard on this build.

Next we have a good looking microscale landscape build, with Karnavian Falls.  The inverted round bricks and stems for trees give it a distinct look.

A fantastical detailed and sleek lined build of the classic Gundam mobile suit, the RX78-2, really looks intimidating.

And there we have it, the start for another 50+ weeks of inspirational builds found on the internet.  As the past two years, this will be posted on mondays as much as possible (so with vacations or so, it might differ a little now and then).

Until next time, and keep on building in 2017!

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