maandag 23 januari 2017

Inspirational Lego #106

Hello everyone and welcome to another monday filled with 10 awesome Lego builds from all over the internet.

And we begin this week with the Katana, a large spaceship / battlecruiser in the Battleship Yamato style anime.

This vessel was part of SHIPtember, and really transfers the look of a big bad ship, stacked with gigantic cannons.

Meteor-1A was one of the early test rockets build to look for a way to launch humans into space.

This rendition of the Ideas Catherham Super 7 is scaled for minifigures, and would look awesome next to the real deal.

The Red Crowned Crane is making excellent use of various Technic parts and plates, to give it it`s royal look.

Arkbri Irrigation is part of Guilds of Historica's Kaliphlim setting, reflecting nicely the way fields where irrigated about 2000 years ago.

Bad Dobby is from the 2nd Harry Potter movie, where the little house-elf is trying to keep Harry away from Hogwarts and the dangers of the Chamber of Secrets.

Next, we have a great looking Basilica, making use of various parts to create some excellent "greeblings" on it`s walls.

This Gundam mobile suit is sporting one of the typical huge swords rife in the anime series.

We have a fearsome looking Cyclops here as the next build, complete with a terror imposing club to swat the flies that bother him.

The final build this week is the Harrower, a vessel from the expanded Star Wars universe and a sort of evolution of a regular star destroyer.

That`s it again for this week, see you all again next monday for another 10 great internet finds!

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