donderdag 19 januari 2017

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

The next instalment in the Fantasy marathon, we have the "teenager flick" with the second Percy Jackson movie.

Now, I liked the first one, the Lightning Thief, as a movie to just sit back and let it come over you.

The second one starts when Camp Halfblood is under attack by a (fantastic effects) mechanical bull.  With the aid of his recently arrived cyclops half brother, Percy overcomes the machine.  They learn that an old pine tree, formerly known as Talia, is been poisoned and they need to recover the Golden Fleece to heal it.

It is the antagonist from the first movie, Luke, who is behind it all to exact vengeance, and he want to ressurect the enemy of the gods, Lord Chronos.  Percy, Annabeth, Tyson and Grover set out to find it, while Clarisse is send by Mr D. on a quest to get it.  Later, after they are swallowed by Charybdis, they get together and form one team that travels to Circeland.  The Fleece is guarded by a cyclops, and Luke manages to obtain it and awaken Chronos.

He is defeated in the end by the sons of Poseidon, and Annabeth, who gets fatally wounded, is ressurected by the Fleece.  Clarisse brings the Fleece to the camp and not only does it heal the tree, it also brings back poor Talia from the dead.

It`s an enjoyable, but not great movie.  You know, the kind of sunday afternoon flick to watch with your kids.  While the speical effects are good, and Nathan Fillions small part is just fantastic (including a Firefly reference), I really had the feeling I was getting to old for this movie.

Rating: 6 / 10

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