zaterdag 21 januari 2017

Testing Light Stax

Last november, at Brick Mania Antwerpen, the contributors to the show received a gift set of Light Stax, sponsored by Dutch LEGO trader BRiCKiZiMO.

Now, this is a system to light up your creations by, well, as the name suggests stacking elements inside a build.  And they are compatible with both LEGO as well as Mega Blocks.

The bricks have LED lighting inside, and by using connectors top and bottom, you can build whole creations and then light them up. 

This is done by ways of a 2x4 or 4x4 battery element.  This element has a Micro USB entrance (you know, like on about every modern day cellphone), so it can be charged through your PC, laptop, even a PowerBank if you use it in builds at conventions.
The button regulates the three speeds, being constant light, flickering light, or glowing light, of the elements.  I build a small minifigure display especially for testing it out (I`ll do a post on that one once it`s completely done) but that way I can show the different speeds.

The build is a simple podium, and I surrounded the 4 transclear parts with LEGO trans-red elements to give it a more Harley like appearance.  But you can see it gives off enough light to easily pass through those bricks.  The battery element is at the base of those trans-red elements, so you can see it fits in nicely in the whole build.

The final sort of bricks included in the gift parcel are non trans elements, in the form of a red and a yellow 2x4.  These have the connections to build on in your moc`s, so they "guide" the current to the light bricks, without giving off light themselves.

It was a nice little gift parcel, and the elements do fit on LEGO parts without to much hassle, so I' going to have a look and get some more of those in the future for a Tolkien build I have in the pipeline and add some light works to it.

I can recommend this especially due to the fact you won't have to look out how to incorporate cabelling and the likes into your builds, so that is a great bonus.  Just make sure the battery element is easily accessible for charging, or detachable for switching out with a charged one, and you're good to go.

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