vrijdag 27 januari 2017

Minifigs.Me Custom Printed Flash Gordon

Sam Jones is coming to Comic Con Brussels next month, and this cult hero means I now have my "signature hunt" prime target.

I mean, this is Flash Gordon, the man who saved us all on the tones of Queen's excellent soundtrack.

And of course, that meant I needed a fitting minifig to get signed.  Some searching around, this led me to Minifigs.Me, a company of whom I already possess a number of figures, like recently the Pokemon series with limited pokeball tile et all.

The figure arrived in their typical packaging, a stylised matchbox errm box, so I opened it in great anticipation, and wasn`t disappointed.

The Flash figure has the "hard" jawlines printed of Sam, and a bush of wild blond hair.  Now, it's cool they doubleprinted the legs, giving him black boots under his dark blue pants.

The torso features the big black waistband together with the star pattern on the front side, and it runs nicely to the back.

Now, they couldn`t much more with the figure to make it extra spectacular, as the movie figure wore a simple outfit.  It where the 80s after all...

You can find the Flash figure under the name of Mr Flashy on their website, and it goes for 10 pound.  Find the figure HERE for a quick search, and expect to see it appear again on this little blog when I do the convention report near the end of february!

Because remember, Flash Gordon is alive, alive, aliveeee...

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