maandag 9 januari 2017

Alice Through the Looking Glass

Fantasy movie marathon day 1 / 12, and we have the 2016, high budget production to kick it off, Alice Through the Looking Glass.

Based on the characters by Lewis Carroll, this is a sequel to the 2010 Alice in Wonderland.

Alice has been sailing the seas, and the movie begins with her ship, the Wonder, trying to escape from chinese pirates.  Though she escapes, upon her return she is faced with the prospect of having to sell the vessel, and at a party to try and change the mind of the co-owner, she goes through a magical mirror, returning her to Wonderland.

She learns Mad hatter has fallen into depression, as he is certain his family, long thought dead, is indeed still alive.  Alice has to convince Time himself (a magnificent Sacha Baron Cohen) to give the Chronosphere so she can go back in time to learn what happened.

The Red Queen, exiled and in care of Time, wants to use this device to go back in time herself and right the wrongs done to her by her sister, which is the direct cause of how her head became so big.  She learns about the fate of the Hatter's family, but the Red Queen obtains the Chronosphere as they set out to rescue them... and nearly destroys everything as a result!

It`s a very colourful and fast paced movie, with some gorgeous special effects.  Depp is wonderfull as the Hatter, and Time is just fantastic. 
While the movie didn`t do that well in the movietheatre`s, barely recuperating it`s investment, I did enjoy it.  For me, not every movie has to be a classic or a masterwork, I like to watch something and just sit back and "let it come over me". 

Rating: 6 / 10

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