vrijdag 20 januari 2017


Today's entry in the Fantasy marathon might be, at first, a miscast, but bear with me...

While there is no dragons, skeletons, monsters of even magic in the whole movie, there is another force at work which some these days might call "fantasy".

Religion.  The belief that the cause is just and the faith that some upperbeing will guide your destiny.  The story behind this movie is how the Knights Templar fought King John, to result into the Magna Carta. 
However, regretting this signing, he hires a force of danish mercenaries.  The Abbot and three of the Templars travel to Canterbury and the war between the king and the barons breaks out in earnest.

Considering the budget the movie was made on, this is actually a pretty awesome thing.  Had it been a Hollywood budget make, it would probably have been a blockbuster, but now it retains a lot of credibility due to some "honest" acting and the wide nature scenery.

Rating: 6.5 / 10

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