dinsdag 24 januari 2017

Brik Wars! scenery pieces

The circle has come to a close, as near the end of the year, my old hobby and my LEGO hobby will meet on the glorious field of battle.

Now, those that have followed this blog from the beginning know I`m coming from a wargamer background (just go at the bottom of the blog to the first year of this site), and have been a member of the Tin Soldiers of Antwerp for almost 20 years... basically my whole LEGO Dark Ages period.

Ever since I returned to the bricks of my childhood, I have been eyeing the Brik Wars! ruleset, a free set of rules designed to fight wargames... with LEGO minifigures.  So I finally bit the bullet and with some to and fro mailing yesterday, I confirmed a space for BeLUG at the next Crisis event of TSA.

The game will consist of gaming Tolkien forces versus Star wars troops, with the used forces containing 2 units of 10 troops each, led by a Hero.  Like which can be seen here, a force of 20 Lake Guard led by Bard the Bowman.

Now, the total game space will be 4 plates of 48x48, which if needed can be split up in 4 sections to run up to 4 games simultaniously.  Considering the rules are a measly 3 pages, with an estimated game time between 30 to 45 minutes, this is easily feasible.

Of course, this will mean we`ll be needing scenery for the games, and I have spend the afternoon putting together some easy to make pieces to serve as examples.  The trick is that the scenery doesn`t have to be intricate moc's, but easily moveable, and able to be deconstructed and reconstructed during a game as minifigs can actually blow things up and build other stuff with it if you want to.

It does serve however to restrict movement paths, obstruct line of sight for missile attacks, and provide light defensive positions if under attack.

The first thing I've put together is this mystical pool, which will mainly serve as an objective marker.

Of course, every battlefield needs some trees and ruins, those are mainstay classics...

A little goat is grazing in a patch of tall grass.

The little dragon is guarding it's beginning hoard of precious crystals, another good objective marker.

I also build this small ruined shrine, which will block Line of Sight but provides a good rallying point.

Those are the example pieces, and I`ll be sporadically be adding to the scenery collection for the demo, as I still have 9 months to get it all together.  I`ll probably buy a few Star Wars battlepacks during the summer sales on Amazon to boost the sci-fi part of the scenery, and then we are all set to go for this new adventure.

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