zaterdag 28 januari 2017

Is Lego worth more then Gold? The Test part 4

Another month has gone by, and that means time to make the tally of how January 2017 went in my test.

Well, it's truly a bit of a special month, as with discount period showing up in Belgium, you could do some excellent buys at local supermarkets and the like.  Which I duly did.

Now, that means that I have made a very small margin this month, topping out at 113.20 euro left over at date of closure, which was yesterday.  But that is mainly due to the fact I have been spending a lot of the total in amount, which was 400.87 euro, on new sets, and on loose parts to complete old, big used sets.  Like a castle for example.

Now, the most solid ratio this month has to go to Brick Link.  I had a total of 33 orders for used parts, for a total amount of 148.08 euro.  This means it averages at 4.48 euro per order.  Now this doesn`t seem much, but at the amount of orders that is about 1 order every day, making this a nice constant flow in.  Add to that the loose minifigures clocking in at 49 euro (of which 13 have been re-invested so far), and you have a solid base to play the game on.

On a set level, I have done some serious invests this month, spending 128.83 on new "not easy to get" things.  Outfloing in that department was less, with 57.29 euro coming in from two old Minecraft sets.
In the range of "new" sets both old and recent, 10 sets left for a total of 138 euro.  A large portion of that, namely 99.32 euro, has immediatly been reinvested, but the good thing is that for that amound I added 24 sealed sets to my portfolio.
And yes, I did dabble in some more used sets.  I grabbed 2 rather big ones for a total of 24 euro, and even though I only parted with three small ones so far for 8.50 euro, I`m confident the new ones will seriously bump up numbers in february.  Castles, sailing ships... just need to wait for some loose parts orders to come in and be able to complete them to full restoration.

But never the less, I`m getting really close to "point zero" now, even with the reinvesting done.  I`m currently hovering around the 400 mark, with a " Testing" portfolio at the moment worth 2400+ euro in parts, sets and the likes, so I'm going to aim for a february "sprint" to reach the break even point. 

Traditionally, february is low on sales and deals as the winter wave has hit and the liquidation of the summer wave has passed by, so this is the moment to unload some additional inventory and set up for the june buy-in offensive when the waves will "overlap" again.

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  1. Keep coming those articles Tomsche, allways a really good read.