dinsdag 5 december 2017

Batman vs Robin

Perhaps storywise one of the stronger instalments of the DC Animated Universe (which, until Wonder Woman, was far superior to the cinematic outings), this is a direct to DVD movie from 2015.

And to be honest, this was a great coming of age and choices to be made story...

It all begins when Damian, the current Robin and son of Batman and Talia Al Ghul, seems to kill the Dollmaker.  This goes against everything Bruce teached Damian, though it was actually an assassin called Talon that did it.

However, this causes a rift between father and son, and when Bruce goes on a mission, Damian is babysitted by Nightwing.  He elopes though, and hooks up with Talon who wants to introduce him to the Council of Owls.

But when the Council figures out who Batman actually is, Damian is forced to make a hard choice...

It was, as I said in the beginning, a fine movie, but.  yes there is a but, and it`s totally subjective.  I`m an avid anime watcher, and I adore the japanese painting style.  And this rubs off when I watch american drawn series and movies, like this.  For me, it`s all to blocky to be honest...

But storywise, this was topnotch!

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