zaterdag 16 december 2017

TSA Clubevening 15th of december 2017

Yesterday it was clubnight once again, as it is almost every friday of the year.

And as I didn`t have anything planned in the form of a game, I could calmly look around to what games where played and share it with you guys.

Under The Raven Banner was played, as vikings came ashore in a daring raid.

Another Dark Ages game was in full swing as well as a game of our Dux campaign saw the "Raiders" player try and steal sheep from the Romano-British.

World War 2 was also played this evening, with two seperate games and rulesystems being in action.

Iron Hands try desperatly to hold off a large green tide of Orks.

In the Wild West, a gang of gunslingers faced off against Indians as they tried to chase each other out of town.

Starfleet Battles was played once more, as Klingon vessels encountered strange triangular vessels nearby a starbase.

Two seperate groups where playing boardgames as well this evening, the first being part of the long running Heroquest rpg-like adventure, while the second group tried to Terraform Mars.

A big naval battle took place somewhere between the islands of the pacific.

In the meantime, troops tried to advance Beyond the Rhine...

So another varied selection of games this time around, with some great looking scenery and all... which made Noshi decide she wants to go and paint houses.  I like that idea a lot, as I personally hate doing that ;-)

Until next time!

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