dinsdag 19 december 2017

The Hobby Goals for 2018

After talking last week of the failed goals from 2017, this week i`m going to have a look at the goals I want to achieve, hobby / geeky wise in the upcoming year.

Now, this is mostly inspired by coming big battle events at TSA, so that is always a great motivational factor after all.

Painting wise, the first goal is going to reach my set goal of 750 points in the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge, which begins tomorrow, and on which I`ll do a seperate post in a few hours.  Think of it as a bit of the odd horse in the goals...

But there is more to reach on the painting front.  While my Emperor's Children have already reached the 3k points limit for the big battle this year, I haven`t really set a seperate goal for them... everyhting I paint for them from now on is pure bonus.  But in a related matter, and the Codex on the horizon, I am going to aim for a 1500 points Slaanesh daemons contignent to use alongside them, either by summoning, allied detachment or seperate force.

In the same manner, there is the big Age of Sigmar battle in august once again.  At first, I considered painting 4k of Slaaneshi daemons as such, but I`m not going to do that in the end.  I`m going to keep expanding on my Empire force (or whatever they are split about these days, at least that way I can keep my Knightly orders in the army) to go to that point.  They currently stand around 1300 points done, so that still is a serious heap to do, as they have cheap troops and large numbers... and I`ll restore my Tank Company for the big battle.

I also have some smaller games on the radar to work towards, like the free game Mobile Suit Gundam Skirmish.  I`m still in doubt going the 1/144 GunPla route, or the 1/300 gashapon route, as I have both anyways lying around somewhere.

Other smaller skirmish games I`ll be aiming to get my forces for are my Tombstone 7th Cavalry I received this week, and a Blood Bowl team at last which will be made up from Gaspez's Bondage Girls models.

Talking historical, another thing I definitly am going to work on, now that my Dark Ages forces are completed, is my ACW army.  I won`t be setting a fixed goal, but I will be trying to fill in as much as possible of the OrBat on the left of this blog.  That's a LOT of blue coats to paint, and I really should make work of movement trays as well for them.

Now, apart from the painting side of things, I also have the traditional goals set out for 2018.  The first being reading books, once again aiming to read 25 over the course of next year.  The same number stays for movies, trying to watch at least 25.

But I shuffled around a bit in series.  See, I gave up on the Arrowverse en Walkerverse, which is a lot of backlog that falls away.  But I still have a HUGE backlog of anime's to watch, and that is something I`ll probably begin doing with Noshi anyways as she loves it as well.  So I`m only aiming for the (to be honest, easy) 10 TV series to watch next year, but an immense 20 anime series on the opposite side of the watch coin...

So slowly somewhere during the coming weeks, after the oversight of the achieved goals probably in two weeks, the side bar will become updated with the 2018 goals and replace the ones of the nearly past years.

Drop by next week, when I will do my "best of" series like every year.

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  1. Nice, I've been working on a set of Gundam skirmish rules to use with 1/144 figures, so I'd be intrigued to see what you have!

    1. It`s through a FB group,

      Looks decent rules tbh, and its a free download so nihil risk