maandag 4 december 2017

Eventide - Scott McGough and Cory J. Herndon

The great thing about Magic The Gathering used to be that they released paperback novels of all the expansions from the game, to add some fluff together.

Unfortunatly these days, those have become digital releases, and in my mind you can`t beat the scent of a book.

Eventide is part of the Lorwyn / Shadowmoor cycle, the world that changed from an everlasting daytime to an everlasting nighttime as a consequence of The Aurora.  This event wiped everyone`s memory and changed personalities around, apart from those of kithkin archer Brigid Baeli and a mysterious Elf named Maralen.

They gather their old friends together and try to convince them to help defeat The Destroyer, a fire elmental power that took possession of their old companion Ashling, a cinderkind pilgrim.  And all the while the Mother of the Fae, Oona, works her own agenda to stop this raging inferno...

It was agood book, with some really action packed scenes.  As I played that actual cycle, I could relate to some of the spells and creatures that appear in the book, but this knowledge isn`t needed at all.  You can read this as yet another fantasy novel in a certain setting and be all fine without even knowing of the game.

A nice bus-reading book.

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