maandag 25 december 2017

FWC Emperor's Children support troops

First of all, let me start by wishing you all a Merry Christmas!

This first days of the challenge have shown me already some gorgeous eye-candy, and some mighty "point bombs" that make me wish I could paint that fast.  I`m loving this stuff all around, and really revel in being part of this amazing undertaking.

But while some go for the big points, I`m sneaking around in the outer regions, hopefully churning out a steady stream of figures and like a predator eyeing his prey, jump towards my Target points at just right moment.

Just like this entry of more 6mm models for my Emperor's Children.  As the bikes race towards the enemy together with the land speeder, the dreadnoughts provide fire support to cover the advance.

Now, I admit, these are the age old plastic sculpts (somewhere end of the 80s, early 90s I believe they came out) and while the bikes look mighty fine... the Land Speeder nor the dreadnoughts do not.  The Epic 40.000 metal versions looked a lot better, but on the other hand this reflects in a way better the 10k old material the Traitor legions still have lying around x-D

Until the next entry, and may all your turkeys taste sweet!

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