zondag 31 december 2017

The 2017 achievements completed

And there we have it, the very last post for this little corner of the internet, detailing the objectives I managed to complete on a Geeky level in 2017.

While I looked back at the failed ones two weeks ago, I have been adding to this list as recent as the past night as I finished *just another series* hehee.

The first objectives I reached this year where from the old LEGO days, as I managed to complete a bunch of MoCs that... barely came outside before I gave up on the hobby.  But from all the planned builds, The Shire, Buckleberry Ferry and the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone got finished.

So we moved onwards to wargaming, or better, returned, and I set myself some goals for that.  While some managed in failure, I did complete other ones succesfully.  The most important perhaps being to actually getting a force on the table, and my first game was on the 4th of august in a multi-player, where my 1000 points of Order took to the table.  And completing a 1000 point army was a target in itself as well.

That expanded further after the Dark Elves contignent had to be dropped from the list, as I rebuild and reworked my Empire forces to get it to a pure 1000 points of only brave men fighting for Karl Franz himself.

In the meantime, my flashy pink phalanx was planned to grow to 50 Power Level in size, and it went far beyond that number in the meantime, making that my most completed army at the moment in the cabinets, and still will be growing in 2018.

While for smaller games, I planned 1000 points of Future War Commander 6mm, painted as Emperor's Children as well, and a band for SAGA who has been fielded as an army in Dux Britanniarum so far.

Nice successes on the painting front as such...

On the backlog part of things, I had set some goals who at first I thought where steep, but ended up being blown totally out of the water.

For example, I aimed to watch 25 movies, but the final tally clocked out at 52, that`s like 1 movie a week, which might not seem much, but...

Instead of the 10 planned series, I benched through no less then 43.  Taking on average that a series these days is 12 episodes of about an hour... that`s a lot of episodes.

On the anime front, I planned to catch up on 10 series, but rounded it out at 17 instead, and a lot will be watched over the course of 2018 as that is my main "to watch" plan next year. 

Finally, I spend some time on busses and trains, as of the 25 books I planned to read (which comes down to finishing an on average 300 page novel every two weeks) I ended with having read 29 instead.  Not bad for a not daily reading session if you ask me...

Well, that`s it then, now 2017 closes off, the blog and files can be reset for 2018, and I`m off to shower as I`ll be spending New Years Eve at the club actually, while my poor Noshi has to work the night shift.

See you all next year!

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