dinsdag 26 december 2017

Seekers of Slaanesh

One of the units I couldn`t enter in the AHPC8 competition as I already started painting them before the kick-off, these lovely ladies provide some fast support for my budding Daemon contignent.

And I`ll be working away slowly but steadily those non-eligeble entries in between... so a lot will be painted over the coming four months.

Seekers are a pure hunters unit.  While they lack brute strength or high AP versus power armoured forces, their high movement and a tactical use of some psychic powers should make them able to charge in on the first turn.  I do realise I`ll need the bump the unit further to at least 10 to have some actual staying power, like most Fast Attack choices in a Chaos force, but their Quicksilver special ability makes them vicious in combat.

But let's see first what or if any changes are made to all that before I really go on and paint all the daemonette troops for the contignent... and the remainder can go in the challenge without problems, as only Lucius is now the remaining model that was already begun, together with two raptors, to nor yield me points.

For Slaanesh!

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