zaterdag 9 december 2017

On the Painting Desk 24 - Knight!!!

Hello everyone to another instalment of on the painting desk.

Compared to last week, some things have gone... and some big ones have come!

I managed to finish 4 units the past week, though truth to be told, two of them as you could see last week needed just some finishing touches and basing.  As such, the Dark Apostle and the anti-tank Havoc squad where quickly finished.

The other two units I got done where two small units of 10 Cultists, being the Commissar's regiment and the Cult of the Snake, which can be found on this blog on this weeks posts. 

So of course, that meant space on the table to add something new, and that was at first only Lucius, who is also moving far to the front on the to do list.  Not only will he be in all probability the "supreme commander" of the Chaos forces in the big battle in May, I`ve taken it to myself to "give Lucius some love" from the first of January until the actual big battle.  Meaning no matter how useless he might be, I`m hugging him along in each and every game I`ll play during that period.

But then there is also that "other" little guy you can see on the video.  You could read earlier this week how I got him for cheap, and how I`m going to go paintcrazy on him after glueing and tuning him in just under 5 hours past tuesday.  He needs to be on the field of battle by the end of april, when we are doing a special all Knights only game at TSA.

Time to fire up the brushes, as today will be my only paint day of the whole week :-)

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