zaterdag 23 december 2017

The First Struggle for Survival: Dux Britanniarum campaign game

Let's cut to the chase: Clustfeinad is in big trouble. 

Last month, a large Raid left my army in shambles, as I lost 3 out of my 6 units for multiple campaign turns as an opposing kingdom, bolstered by Mercenaries and two Saxon forces rampaged and annihilated my lines.

So I`m struggling now to get an army back into shape, and holding on to the campaign with my fingertips.   Of course, the wolves have smelled blood, so I`m in for three Raids this turn... and this is the first one.

I am numerically outnumbered, but in my search for standing, gold and troops can`t afford to look for a peaceful, no battle loss either.  That would mean the mercenaries I had to hire this month (a group of warriors, and one of light cavalry) would take off and dwindle my numbers further.

But as they say about a wounded animal...

The scenario at least fell in my favour, I was to raid Pierre's camp and secure the supply wagons in it.  To that end, I needed to be the only troops near them, which would end the scenario and hopefully i could sneak in swiftly.

Pierre, loving his cavalry, had placed them a distance away from his camp, as he couldn`t activate them in the first three turns.  On the same token, his Levy would appear in turn 2 splat dab in between my forces, who where split in two parts.  On one side, a noble led the mercenary warriors and a unit of my own warriors, while on the other flank my Lord, champion, second noble, a unit of warriors and the elites formed one big hitter formation.  The archers and cavalry joined them.

Turn one was rather uneventfull, as my forces moved forward as swift as they could.  But turn two was the moment to strike.  My mercenary Light Cavalry charged the archers, dispersing them immediatly and threatening the protectors of the cavalry wagons: a unit of warriors with a lord.

The archers loosened a volley at the closest cavalry, and miraculously on 4 shots, needing 6s, they scored one kill and caused one shock.  The Levy then appeared and made haste to the centre of the table where the battle would be joined.

Turn three arrived and now it would come down to the cards, and I got lucky for sure.  First, my cavalry got to charge the warriors, and even though they where wiped out, caused two casualties on the unit.  Then my Lord came up, and he commanded his force to charge in.  I needed an 8 to reach him, and threw 11.

This meant I had a humongous overweight in dice, as I also played a Hero card doubling the Lords attacks.  The enemy unit was totally routed for no loss at my side... and I secured the objective, ending and winning the game as a result.

Now, I did loose the cavalry, but secured the other warriors mercenaries for three more months.  To replace the lost mercenaries, I rolled for fresh recruits, and ended up with 6 more Mercenary warriors.  This means one of my Warrior units will be mounted next battle, while the mercs will take their place in the shieldwall, and have an army equal in units and abilities as my force today, not to shabby.

But a +2, and mission completed as I survived the first of 3 battles this campaign turn... and gained a point of prestige in the process.

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