donderdag 21 december 2017

The Exstacy of Debutation

So, I am part of this highly motivational painting challenge, for the first time, and this is my very first entry ever, and hopefully the forebode of a lot more.

When I saw Curt kick it off this morning, I jumped to the painting table (well, shuffled actually) and began the brushstrokes on the very first entry.

One of the things I'd love to achieve during this challenge, is painting up all the remaining 6mm figs I have for my "Slaaneshi" force for Future War Commander.  These 4 stands of infantry as such, including the heavy weapon upgrade option, are a small step for that plan.

But more importantly, this will also mean I`ll be sleeping well the coming week.  See, I`m a bit of a stresschick, and I opted to go for 6mm infantry as the first entry to make sure I got an entry ready in the first month as per the rules.

And put me on the scoreboard for starters... even though it's a measly 10 points, it gets rid of that horrible 0 ;-)

I'm really looking forward to this, and hopefully will be able to get an entry in at least once every week... though that might be, and will be, probably totally unrealistic.

But heck, that is why it's a motivational challenge after all... less sidetracking, more painting x-D



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