donderdag 14 december 2017

Hobby Goal Failures of 2017

With 2017 slowly coming to a close, I can already draw a line on projects that won`t make the mark this year.

Now, the list is actually pretty long, considering I quit LEGO, which had a few "marks" on the list pat april, to inmerse myself again in the lovely world of wargaming.

In a way, it was like coming home...

But as such, a lot of red is in the sidebar on the left of this post.  Planned building projects never got finished, or even start, because of this.  Things like the planned Fredericksburg ACW build, or the various Lord of the Rings projects, ended mid build or even in the planning stages as such.

Another result of this are the planned 50 build reports, which initially would be one every week with some leeway for holidays.  However, even though I tried afterwards with some backlog marathons to compensate, it didn`t work out as I couldn`t find the "drive" to type them all up anymore, so they ended after publishing 28 out of the 50 planned ones this year.  Considering I had material to take me well into 2019 on a weekly basis, that means a lot of sets I had build never will see the pages of this little corner of the internet.

The same goes for exposing at "geeky" and Lego events.  I had set a moderate goal of 5 for this year, but I only did Comic Con Brussels this year, as my run in that hobby came to an end just before (and also due to things surrounding it) the second one I would participate.  So that clocks of at a single show as a result.

Then, the wargaming began again, and I`m rather happy to say I`ll only strand on two projects not reaching their goals in 2017.  The first is a 1000 points Witch Elves (Daughters of Khaine) force.  I talked about it before how the General`s Handbook massacred my force this year, so I shifted to my Empire force as a result, and the no longer able to be allied Dark Elves fell of by the roadside. 
In a totally different vain I won`t reach the 1000 points Slaanesh force either, as I have been painting other units for 40k instead of my daemons lately.  That force will be back in numbers in 2018, with a large bar set for the Age of Sigmar big battle in august, but the initial start number wasn`t reached.  But I do expect to get around 200 points extra done in that force though for this year, so it`ll be with a small margin that I`ll fall short.

So all in all, that is a rather okay ratio of not reached targets.  Next week, I`ll be putting down some words about the goals I`ve set myself hobbywise for 2018, after that I`ll look back at the best things and biggest disappointments I found for myself from 2017, only to round off in the last week of the year with the achieved goals of 2017.

And then... a new year is upon us!

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