vrijdag 15 december 2017

On the Painting Desk 25

Hello everyone to the weekly instalment of what did I get done painting my figures.

And it has been, even though I only had one day / evening, more then I expected.

Remember that still to undercoat Knight from last week? 

A big painting marathon past saturday, whoch was basically the only painting day, has progressed the Knight along nicely.  As well as some small odds and ends.

The coming week the GF has some more night shifts, and I hope to finish up the big guy then, doing the fresco, some details and the base as well as giving him a coat of nice and shiny varnish.

After that, I`ll be trying to complete the units on the table, before the big push into all things demonic begins as I`ll be working towards the august big battle of Age of Sigmar, for which 4k of Slaaneshi daemons are planned to take the table.

For the power of Pink!

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