dinsdag 19 december 2017

The Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge VIII - I`m in!

Well, it was at the last minute, but two days ago, the organiser, Curt, dropped me an e-mail.

I was in "first place" on the reserve list, as I`m not the fastest of reactionaries to entry forms *cough* but unfortunatly Tamsin, the Wargamer Girl, has dropped out and I slotted in her number 75 / 80 spot.

So this little corner of the internet of mine has taken up the gauntlet to play and compete in the good fun competition of the AHPC8, going up with such a great bunch of painters and gamers.

I was planning on entering it as soon as I returned to the hobby, and as such I have been hoarding my Kickstarters from the past 6 months just for that, as well as some mail orders like my Blood Bowl team to be.  Being a newcomer, I set the bar for myself at obtaining 750 points though, not TO ambitious but higher then the usual 500 points for the newcomer entrants tend to do.

I will also be painting stuff from all over the place, without any real "goal" or army to complete.  The competition runs for 4 months, and in that time I hope to have finished the 10mm Lancer miniatures ECW force I got from Kickstarter, painted up a heap of the Old School Alpine Gnomes to boost my Empire force for Age of Sigmar, and completed said Blood Bowl team as well as my Tombstone warband.

Other things that I will be entering are some more Emperor's Children for my 40k pink phalanx and Slaaneshi daemons.  The rules state you can have your models assembled already (check) and primed (absolutely not check), but at least that save me the time to watch glue dry as it starts in well, a couple of hours actually.

And IF time permits, I might actually do another of my ACW regiments for my II Corps.

The "minion" dedicated to edit and publish my posts is Ray, someone I had the pleasure of meeting at Salute a couple of years ago and infamous for being a Postie's Reject, so I better don`t mess that up to much then ;-) when i strive to reach the first requirement, namely finishing something in the first month. 

The painting competition uses a scoring system based on the scale and type of models, with of course the necessary discretions options for the judges, but in general, it looks like this:

6mm foot figure = 0.5 point
6mm mounted figure, artillery piece or crew served weapon = 1 point
6mm vehicle = 2 points
10mm foot figure = 1 point 10mm mounted figure, artillery piece or crew served weapon = 2 points 10mm vehicle = 3 points 
15mm foot figure = 2 points
15mm mounted figure, artillery piece or large crew served weapon = 4 points
15mm vehicle = 6 points

20mm foot figure = 4 points
20mm mounted figure, artillery piece or crew served weapon = 8 points
20mm vehicle = 12 points

28mm foot figure = 5 points
28mm mounted figure, artillery piece or crew served weapon = 10 points 28mm vehicle = 15 points
40mm foot figure = 7 points 40mm mounted figure, artillery piece or crew served weapon = 15 points 40mm vehicle = 20 points 
54mm foot figure = 10 points
54mm mounted figures, artillery piece or crew served weapon = 20 points
54mm vehicle, limber, etc. = 30 points

So my GW stuff falls in the 28mm category, as generally "related" to anyways, and as such the basis of my painting units should be infantry in that scale, at 5 points a model, and a heap of figures in both 6mm (to clean up the stacks of Chaos-y epic I still have to do) and 10mm (the ECW stuff).

Now, 750 points as such is not to be coughed at, because for example a full box of like 40 Perry ACW figures, would be 200 points when finished... so if I would do only 28mm infantry models, which is what I basically paint the most, I still be painting 150 models.

There are a couple of "side quests" and special themes as well, that yield bonus points to get to your goal, and the competition is made in such a way that if you go over certain "tiers" of points, you end up in I believe different draws.  And we all get a little present from the sponsor, but that is something I`ll be dedicating a completely seperate post to.

Wish me luck, I`ll need it!

Find out everything about the competition HERE

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  1. Great to have you in the Challenge Tom! Looking forward to putting points to the pink thingy's!

  2. Good luck and glad to hear my spot has gone to a deserving painter! :)

    Just watch out for shenanigans from that dodgy bloke you have as minion ;)

    1. I`ll do my best to be a worthy spot filler :-)

      Might be a lot of pink though x-D