woensdag 6 december 2017

Building my Slaaneshi Knight, Penetratus Intensio

Yes, that sounds wrong...

Yes, it`s Slaanesh and if a god slaughtering millions is fine to collect skulls, then this is more then fine in my book.

Tonight, I finally gotten myself a Knight model.  Nemesis got a lot containing three of them for a really good price, which I ain`t repeating because it was such an unbelievable deal, and I bought one over from him for that same price.  So that Team Spank and Sneeze (our Slaanesh / Nurgle coalition for the big battle in May) can field their team of big guys.

I challenged myself to build him up tonight, and might at least undercoat him this weekend.  All in all, it took me about 5 hours to build the beast, and added some minor Slaaneshi themed customised pieces to it.  Like, you know, a poledancer for banner bearer, or arms that look like (not usuable on a Knight, but it just fits the theme) a good Doom Siren on the shoulders.

Now I only have to decide wether to use the pre or the post heresy colourscheme.  On the one hand, the purple and gold makes him look more "royal", while on the other hand a pink and black scheme will scream "in your face" like a thunderclap...

But at least in my mind, I already settled on the slogans, name and iconography I`ll be painting on it...  and it`s gonna be very, very special XXX...

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