zaterdag 23 december 2017

The Mummy

This remake of the Brendan Fraser films was meant to be the kick off of a "Monster verse".  

However, recent rumours only seem to say the movie caused the plug to be pulled on that franchise to be...

Starring Tom Cruise (and a fantastic Russell Crowe), sgt Nick Morton finds a tomb while doing some looting.  This is apparently the tomb of Ahmanet, a truly evil pharaoh's daughter.  Together with Jennifer, an archeologist, they are trying to stop Ahmanet from returning full power to the living and as a result unleash the big evil on the world.

Now, the film, which is labelled as an horror flick, forgets to do one thing: scare people.  Perhaps the only jumpy moment is a crow jumping up... and it also lacks the humour of the original films, so that isn`t to great either.

What we did get was an okay, but not really great, adventure flick with Dr Jeckyll, a fine mr Cruise, and some bland characters and very thin storyline intrigue.

Did it have some great things as well then?


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  1. Wow - I'm glad I missed in the theatre. The Fraser version is a classic.